Economist tells gov’t to do cost–benefit analysis before introducing tax policies in order to get them right


The Government of Ghana has been told to do a thorough cost benefit analysis on its policy proposals before introducing them in order to assess whether those policies will yield the desired results when implemented.

An Economist, Dr Asu Sarkodie who made this suggestion said the analysis will determine whether or not the policy is feasible.


Speaking on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday July 9, Dr Sarkodie indicated that the government has made some mistakes regarding its policies including the introduction of the e-levy.

“There must be some cost benefit analysis for every programme or every policy that the government wants to bring to assess the situation first. We have seen a number of mistakes made by this administration in respect to taxation, we have the luxury tax and the benchmark values, and the e-levy.

“My article on the e-levy was that I support the idea by the design is not what I support.”

source: 3news


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