Gabonese politician busted after attempting to smuggle out US$2m cash


Former Gabonese Speaker of Parliament, Guy Nzouba-Ndama, has been placed under house arrest almost a week after he was arrested.

A video of Nzouba-Ndama attempting to enter neighbouring Republic of Congo with suitcases packed with the CFA equivalent of $2 million (£1.8 million), went viral on September 17.

Mr Nzouba-Ndama – a potential opposition candidate in upcoming presidential elections – is now facing two charges according to local media outlet.

One, with violations of import controls and two, cooperation with a foreign power.

The BBC Africa LIVE page reports that his party, The Democrats, say the accusations are politically motivated.

The 76-year-old was for 19 years the speaker of the National Assembly and a loyal ally of the former president, Omar Bongo, father of the incumbent Ali Bongo Ondimba, the BBC added.



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