Angels in Heaven are envious of Humans – Ajagurajah


The leader of the Ajagurajah movement Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah popularly known as Ajagurajah has once again passed a comment which has left many wondering where he learnt this from.

Ajagurajah has been making some statements on air and on social media which some Christians have termed as blasphemy because according to them he is misleading the public and his church members.

In his latest teaching, he disclosed that Angels are envious of humans on earth because humans have the freedom and availability to have sex with the opposite gender.

He mentioned that despite the fact that Angels have feelings for one another, they are not allowed or permitted to have sex with each other.

The Preacher alleged that some Angels who can’t even control their urge come down to have affairs with men on earth simply because that can’t happen in Heaven.

“If there was happiness up there, will they have come down here? …they don’t have the power to sleep with colleague angels…an angel cannot sleep with a fellow angel but they can sleep with demons. They don’t have the power to intermarry”, he said during an interview on Neat FM.

“Angels have sperms and female angels have vaginas and breasts. Female angels have also been descending to sleep with men and giving birth.

“Why is it that God doesn’t want angels to have sex? That’s why angels are envious of us, angels don’t like us…and most of them don’t like us … I have angels that are part of my (things) but they don’t like me…because we get some to eat (sex) and they don’t get some to eat. We’ve freedom and they don’t have freedom,” he stressed.




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