Free SHS food suppliers to picket over unpaid arrears


The National Food Suppliers Association has issued a 14-day ultimatum to the National Food Buffer Stock Company, demanding payment for outstanding debts.

The Association expressed concern that the suppliers’ credibility has been compromised, making it difficult for them to continue operating their businesses.

Despite previous attempts to bring attention to their grievances, they claim that the government has not responded to their pleas.

In response to the lack of action, the spokesperson of the Association, Kwaku Amedume, indicated that the group has planned to picket at the premises of the National Food Buffer Stock Company once the ultimatum period has expired.

“The Buffer Stock Company has for the past one and a half years failed to pay for the various foodstuffs supplied to senior high schools by our members. Apart from the numerous letters addressed to the Office of the Chief of Staff, the Ministry of Education and the National Food Buffer Stock Company, several attempts have been made by members of our Association to have the monies paid, but all have proven to be unsuccessful.

“We are by this press conference, serving notice to the National Food Buffer Stock Company that failure to pay us in 14 days from now, we will resort to picketing at the offices of the National Food Buffer Stock Company.”




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