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All issues with GPAs will be addressed in 2 weeks – UEW assures level 400 students


The management of the University of Education Winneba (UEW) has assured stakeholders that the academic records of students will be updated within the next two weeks.

The decision was announced after a management meeting.

The school has also assured that there will be some updates to the GPAs starting today, Monday, September 26.

The level 400 students of the school accused the data protection unit of the University of neglecting to update their records in the last three years even after serving notice.

They, therefore, organised a demonstration last week to express their anger arguing that they are due for graduation in a couple of weeks but do not know their GPAs.

Management of the University, in a statement, however, said the issue would be resolved soon.

Below is the statement:

Following a crunch meeting by management with respect to issues related to the results of Level 400 Students, the following measures have been put in place to ensure timely resolution of the issues.

All stakeholders have been given a 2-week deadline of October 7 2022 to resolve all outstanding level 400 student results-related issues.

However, Students would begin to see updates to their online transcript in portals starting from Monday, September 26 2022. Result-related issues that have been submitted by various departments have been collated and are being uploaded for students to view online in the coming week.

Step-by-step guidelines on how to view the updated transcript online will be communicated to students by Monday, September 26 2022.

Transcripts of results showing up-to-date results submitted by the various departments will be sent by September 23 to various examination officers for them to update students immediately. All outstanding supplementary or resit examinations for Level 400s; as a result of trailing from level 100 – 300 should take the form of take-home examinations.

Heads of Departments and Examination Officers are to ensure that all outstanding result-related corrections that have been reported to departments yet to be submitted are to reach the SRO Office by 12 noon Sunday September 25 2022. A Help Centre would be set up at the Student Centre at North Campus from Wednesday September 28 2022 from 10 am – 3 pm every day until October 14, 2022 to receive complaints from level 400 students with respect to any result-related issue that they may have for a speedy resolution in consultation with the various departments.

Students are entreated to lodge all complaints at the Help Centre. Departments are to make sure that any student who does not pick up their transcript is invited to do so with utmost urgency.

All students are being reminded that they should resort to dialogue to have any issues resolved. They are also entreated to take advantage of the laid down procedures and directives given for the speedy resolution of their problems.

Management would also want to let all students know that the graduation of students is very dear to its heart and all students who are legitimately supposed to graduate would do so provided they follow the laid down guidelines presented in these urgent times.

Ag. Registrar

Rejoinder: Suspected land guards attack Setho Classic Engineering workers at Kubekrom


The Chief Executive Officer for F. A, Global Group of Companies, Mr Adu Francis King, has vehemently denied reports of orchestrating an attack on Setho Classic Engineering Company Limited workers.

According to a report by GhanaWeb on September 21, 2022, Mr Adu King recruited alleged land guards to attack the workers on September 16, 2022, while they were working on a committal land at Appolonia Kubekrom.

But in a rejoinder to the publication, Mr Adu King denied the contents of the publication by setting the record straight on the disputed land.

According to the CEO, the said land has been under dispute for several years, leading to bloody clashes between two factions claiming ownership of the land.

He explains that the Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man Family, who are chiefs of the Kuberkro Township and its surrounding, on the one hand, claims ownership of the land, whiles Setho Classic Engineering Company Limited, owned by one Seth Kwame Sallah, on the other hand, is also claiming ownership of the same land.

“The resistance from the Royal Family and people who acquired portions of the land from the Family for development against the Company owned by one Seth Kwame Sallah has always led to violent clashes at the township, leaving many with life-threatening injuries.

“The Royal Family had in the past, organized several demonstrations against the Company, accusing it of using dangerous land guards to maim innocent developers in the area. They had also accused the police administration of doing nothing to resolve the long-standing dispute over the land,” the CEO noted in his rejoinder.

He noted that he acquired portions of the land from the Royal Family but was resisted by land guards deployed by Setho Classic and one Seth Kwame Sallah.

In an attempt by the Regional Police Command to resolve the dispute on the land, all parties involved were asked to present documents to back their ownership of the disputed land.

Francis Adu King added that the Lands Commission, which was invited by the Police Command to vet the documents and verify the boundaries of the said land, established that the land falls within the Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man Family land and not within the jurisdiction of the Kpone Traditional Council which Mr Kwame Sallah claims to have acquired the land from.

Read the full rejoinder below:

Rejoinder: Suspected Land Guards Attack Setho Classic Engineering workers at Kubekrom

My attention has been drawn to a story published by ghanaweb.com last Thursday September 22, 2022, with the above mischievous headline.

The story made wild and malicious allegations that I hired the services of persons alleged to be land guards to attack workers of the said company on September 16 at 2:30pm on a committal land at Appolonia Kuberkrom.

The story also fallaciously alleged that said attack by the said land guards hired by me led to one Philemon Yawo sustaining injuries.

It also maliciously and disingenuously stated that the Ashaiman Divisional Crime Officer, Superintended Amegbemabiase confirmed the incident and said they were investigating the issue and that culprits will be prosecuted.

First of all, I am shock that a responsible media house will carry such a story without applying professionalism of journalism by cross-checking from accused persons to substantiate such allegations especially when crime is involved. I am more shock that a news portal of the standing of Ghanaweb.com could not do a simple fact check to establish that Kuberkrom is not part of Appolonia and Kuberkrom’s lands do not fall within Apollonia lands.

I am also surprised that my good name has been dragged into such wild allegations of using land guards when a simple check could cure the malicious agenda of the writer that I have for the past years being advocating against the use of land guards and their activities in any community in the country.

I wish to categorically state that I do not have any land guard(s) and have never patronized the services in whatever form. My checks about the reported incident revealed that it was faked by the paymasters of the writer. The picture used with the concocted story could’ve gotten from dubious source.

My diligent checks with all police stations in Ashaiman also revealed that such an incident has never been reported by the said company. In fact, the Crime Officer of the Ashaiman Division at has also vehemently denied to have spoken to any person or journalist about such an incident. He made clear that such a case has never been brought to his attention.

The question then is where did the journalist get the story from and what motivated him/her to peddle such malicious and wicked untruths about my person knowing the unpardonable consequences of such defamatory story?

Tema Regional Police Commander determined land ownership?

Another fallacy of the story is accusing the Tema Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Daniel Kwame Afriyie had determined the ownership of the land and declared me as the owner. How shallow and ignoramus?

First of all, police are not clothed with the powers to determine who owns lands and who doesn’t. It’s only the Land Commission or the law courts that have such powers. The police only come in to enforce the law when there are clashes over ownership of lands that can endanger the peace of an area. This is basic and any responsible journalist could not have spitefully accused a police officer of determining ownership of land.

The Land In Question

There has been dispute over the land for several years in the area which had always led to bloody clashes between the factions claiming ownership of the land under different Regional Police Commanders in the region without any solution.

The two factions claiming ownership of the controversial land are the Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man Family, who are chiefs or owners of the Kuberkro Township and its surrounding and a company named Setho Classic Engineering Company limited also claiming to have acquired the said land from the Kpone Traditional Council through the Apolonia Stool.

The Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man Family has always stated that, its land boundary falls outside the Kpone Traditional Council and accused the Company of using rogue tactics of trying to steal their land from them and people they had already leased portions of the land to.

The resistance from the Royal Family and people who acquired portions of the land from the Family for development against the Company owned by one Seth Kwame Sallah has always led to violence clashes at the township leaving many with life threatening injuries.

The Royal Family had in the past, organized several demonstrations against the Company accusing it of using dangerous land guards to maim innocent developers in the area. They had also accused the police administration of doing nothing to resolve the long standing dispute over the land.

The Land Commission Report On The Boundary

I also acquired part of the said from the Royal Family. When I tried to take possession of the land, I was resisted by land guards deployed by the said Setho Classic and one Seth Kwame Sallah. It almost degenerated into clashes.

The Regional Commander moved in with his men and asked both factions to stay clear off the land so that his office would investigate and bring finality to the aged dispute.

He therefore, invited both factions including representatives from the Land Commission and demanded from the two factions, Mr Adu King who had acquired the land from the Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man Family and Setho Classic which also claimed to have acquired same land from Kpone Traditional Council to submit their documents.

This was to enable the Land Commission to pick the land and establish the boundary as to whether it falls within the Kpone Traditional Council land title or the Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man’s family land in order to resolve the problem.

The factions agreed to his request and presented their documents and the Land Commission together with police and the parties involved carried out the exercise sometime last month.

Finally, the Land Commission report on the boundary was read to both parties in the Regional Commander’s office indicating that the disputed land doesn’t fall within the Kpone Traditional Council.

The report further indicated that land falls within the Odaitse-We Royal Mantse-Man Family land which measure 1686.3 acres making Mr. Adu King who acquired his land from the Family a legal owner and not Setho Classic.

Mr Adu Francis King

CEO, F. A. Global Group of Companies.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Opinion: Is Mahama frightening Ofosu-Ampofo with Mosquito? – Dela Coffie


Oh yeah! The Ofosu Ampofo versus Asiedu Nketia contest is a classic case of the chickens coming home to roost.

We have a party chairman, who, when we needed him to lead as a true son of the party of Rawlings chose to pander to every whim of the Mahama cult, and engaged in an enterprise fit for the unelected in pursuit of the unconscionable.

Chairman Ampofo even went to the extent of attempting to foist the two time failed flagbearer on the party against conventional wisdom and party rules of engagement.

Now, the sect within the cult has decided to pitch him against Asiedu Nketia in the National Chairmanship race, and here he is with his new found voice calling out Asiedu Nketia for attempting to sabotage him.

To put it in a proper context, the Mahama bloc is done using Ofosu Ampofo and they’re all set to get rid of him in the grandest of style at the forthcoming National delegates Congress.

As an elected national chairman, Ampofo had a choice between being a leader with backbone or a puppet. He chose the later.

And the puppet master had him exactly where he wanted him, until he decided to dispense with his ‘usefulness’.

The fact that Ampofo is a terrible performer and woefully inadequate and rigid for the chairmanship role, is one thing- That he is unashamedly open about his ideas is quite something else.

The zealotry of Ampofo and his out-sized ego thinking he’s the “master of the universe” is his undoing. It is obvious that he is on the wrong side of the cult now.

READ ALSO: Akufo-Addo must be tolerant of criticisms – Mahama
Well, for some, getting rid of Ampofo the manner it is playing out is the right way.

For some of us, we just have to wait it out and watch until it reaches rock bottom and then be here to say; “we told you so”

But then again, if this is the kind of thing it takes to rid the NDC of gutless and unprincipled leadership, so be it. I’m all on board.

I shall be back

By Dela Coffie, Political activist

Hooting at Akufo-Addo an International disgrace for Ghana – Adorye


A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Hopeson Adorye says hooting at Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is an International disgrace for Ghana.

According to him, Ghana has been put in a bad light internationally because of what some few people did at the Global Citizens Festival held at the Black Star Square in Accra.

“I will say that what they did wasn’t right and did not portray Ghana well. This is because the event is a global one and not organized only in Ghana. So next time if an event is taking place of such repute and there is a leader speaking, there is a need for comportment,” he said.

“This is the problem of our country, we look more at the negatives than focus on the positives. We are fixated on propaganda. People do not want to hear good news, they want to only promulgate negative things.

For example, we want everyone to register their sim cards so that fraudsters can be tracked but a learned individual says he has formed a stubborn academy; a group of people who say they will defy instructions. Meanwhile, members of this academy have registered their sim cards. They are throwing dust into people’s eyes and they are falling for it,” he told Neat FM.

He told the youth of the country not to fall for lies and learn to respect their leaders.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

Don’t neglect the youth – aspiring NDC Dep. Nat’l Youth Organizer tells party


Aspiring Deputy National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Obed Opintan has called on the leadership of the party not to neglect the youth after their internal elections.

He said the role of the youth in helping the party to defeat the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2024 is critical.

“As an incoming Deputy National Youth Organizer, I am calling on the leadership to look into this critical issue where ‘Other Youth’ organizers are being asked to end their work after internal elections in the Party are over,” he said in a statement.

Below is his fill statement…

The National Democratic Congress has been one of the parties that creates a system and platform for the growth of the youth more specifically the youths in the party. But over the years, the Party has been silent on a particular issue that needs urgent attention and immediate redress.

In the party hierarchy; from the branch to the National front and the composition of the executives with their respective functions to run the party and its internal governance.

The neglect of the “Other Youth” after they are done electing party executives, work ceases as “Other Youth” organizers. meanwhile the party or the constitution recognizes those at the Regional and National level as second deputy youth organizers.

Moreover, the main work is at the constituencies and branch levels and they are the people who have connected with the constituencies and can do the work at the base level besides, the work of the grassroots is at the constituencies not regional or national level.

Due to this ,I, Obed Opintan, the incoming Deputy National Youth Organizer is calling on the leadership to look into this critical issue where “Other Youth” organizers are been asked to end their work after internal elections in the Party are over.

As a youth activist, I am pleading to our Leadership, to revisit their decision by considering the “Other Youth. Thus;

1. To maintain them as Second deputy youth organizers to work together with the constituency youth organizers.

2. The party should state a clear function for them and what is expected of them but not only to use them for internal elections.

Again, considering them as second deputy youth organizer will create an avenue for all hands to come on deck to work towards the victory of the party come 2024 elections.

Source: 3news.com

Revive death penalty – PNC urges gov’t in curbing ritual murders


The People’s National Convention (PNC) is urging government to revive the death penalty punishment which has been in the country’s laws but not applied in more than 30 years.

The PNC says the law must be applied on ritual murderers.

“The PNC believes that the only way to stop these ritual murders is for the government to revive the Death Penalty punishment which is still in our books to save women and children and also deter others from following the same path,” the party said in a statement on Sunday, September 25.

“Ritual murderers staying in condemn prison would only end up causing financial loss to the country,” the statement signed by General Secretary Janet Asana Nabla said.

It also recommended the arrest of the spiritualists involved in all cases of ritual murders.

“It is time we consider registering all persons who claim they are ‘traditional doctors’ with powers to heal or ease people’s difficulties be it financial or spiritual. By so doing, their activities could be monitored.”

This follows several cases of ritual murders in the country with the most recent recorded in Mankessim, where a prospective nursing student was buried by a chief and a pastor in a room.

Pastor arrested for aiding kidnap of nurse trainee who was buried secretly in Mankessim
The PNC said government must enjoin the National Communications Authority (NCA) to ban all TV programmes advertising ritual money.

“Generally, television programs that contain scenes that seek to encourage ritual killings must be banned from showing on national television e.g Kumawood and Nollywood movies.”


Owusu Bempah Wirtes : Steve Hanke; a cruddy professor or populist stooge?


I’ve just read yet another critique slagging off the NPP government and Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko where the author appears not to have even bothered to learn anything about our economic situation.

There are several of this critique from our compatriots here in Ghana but when a foreigner who claims to know it all decides to inflict on us his all-knowing misdiagnosis of our situation, it calls for public concern.

Now, let’s acquaint ourselves with the very commentary under my critical examination:

“Leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Gabby Otchere-Darko says Pres. Akufo-Addo deserves “praise” for his handling of the economy. SPOILER ALERT: Otchere-Darko must be on another planet. Today, I measure #Ghana’s inflation at a stunning 81%/yr.”

The above commentary is attributed to one Steve Hanke. We are told Steve Hanke is a Professor of Applied Economics at the John Hopkins University in the United States of America.

This stooge who obviously has no knowledge of mere inflation data kept on banging on about pies, the shape of pies, the depth of pies, the different kind of pies, and continue to forecast his own monthly inflation figures for Ghana. His understanding of our economic situation itself without the corresponding data backing it makes absolute nonsense of his works.

He had the temerity to describe Gabby Asare Otchere Darko as someone coming from another planet over his recent tweet that the government needed to be lauded for its handling of the economy.

“The Akufo-Addo govt and, in particular, MoF, deserve the nation’s commendation for their handling of the economy in these most challenging times. Despite slump in revenues, bills are being paid, including salaries, roads being fixed, & money found for programmes like YouStart.”

Of course, unlike Steve Hanke, who sits far away behind his PC typing hogwash, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko isn’t living on another planet. He lives right here in Ghana and his experiences are that of our political economy, and he has led several conversations on the way forward for Ghana’s economy.

It just so happens that a few days ago, the Akufo-Addo government announced a commercial Programme under YouStart that will offer a standardized loan product between GHS100,000 and GHS500,000.00 from PFIs to cover working capital requirements, business expansion needs and the purchase of equipment or machinery by Programme beneficiaries.

The MoU between Government and PFIs will lead to Strengthening the links between education and job market stakeholders, Providing access to finance, skills, and markets for our young entrepreneurs and Growing the capacity of the private sector to create jobs.

That’s exactly what Gabby Otchere-Darko was applauding and commending government for.

Quite clearly, nobody in the political mainstream is offering solutions that are remotely up to the task of dealing with our situation, and so when Gabby commends the Finance Ministry for their bold and decisive interventions, he was actually engaging in what is fair and proper.

Indeed, this singular initiative has the potential to create huge numbers of jobs, revitalising communities across the country, and will incredibly open up our economy.

Yes, things may not be rosy as we all expect but the Akufo-Addo government has demonstrated that it is capable of getting us out of the current economic situation.

The World Economic Outlook isn’t the best currently. We’re facing a global economic crisis. And no one knows what to do about it.

The US Federal Reserve lifted its cash rate target range by 75bp to 3% to 3.25% on Wednesday, US time. It also indicated it expected increases of as much as another 125bp this year even as Fed chairman Jerome Powell warned of a possible recession.

The British pound has fallen to its lowest level in decades against the US dollar, amid fears over runaway inflation and recession.

It is clear from the collapse in global stock markets and sliding cryptocurrency values that there’s uncertainty. Shares in the US, where the S&P 500 index is down by almost a quarter since January, have suffered their worst start to a year for 60 years.

Western governments have dipped into their reserves, and when that well of cash has run dry, borrowed heavily to maintain a stable outlook for their economies.

We know that an increase in the cost of borrowing in the UK, the eurozone and the US, which is what we are now witnessing, will do nothing to bring down prices.

In Japan, the central bank has come under huge pressure to act after the yen tumbled to its lowest level against the dollar since 1998.

You’d think the likes of Steve Hanke might want to research the current happenings around the world before they jump on the bandwagon, but clearly not.

When opinion writers and so-called academics engage in desperate pedestrian politics, I wish that they would come clear on what exactly they seek to propagate.

Steve Hanke’s behaviour is so shameful and pathetic.

Source :Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah Bonsu –
Deputy Director of Communications, NPP.

It is ‘corrupt’ John Mahama who deserves ‘away, away’ boos – Abronye DC ‘shields’ Akufo-Addo


Kwame Baffoe Abronye DC, Bono Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP, has reacted to an incident over the weekend where President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was booed.

Akufo-Addo was subjected to ‘away, away!’ chants by a section of the crowd at the Global Citizen Festival that took place at the Black Star Square on Saturday, September 24.

Abronye lamented that for all the development efforts Akufo-Addo has undertaken, some people had opted to boo him for reasons best known to them.

Commenting via his Facebook account on Sunday, September 25, Abronye added that booing needed to be reserved for leaders who have engaged in acts of corruption – going on to specifically mention former president John Dramani Mahama.

John Mahama he said, was the character that deserved ‘away, away, away,’ boos because of the corruption that he allegedly engaged in during his time as president.

He cited a specific allegation where the erstwhile government is said to have entered a “bad” contract for the management of Ghana’s main port i.e. the Meridian Port Services contract of 2015.

His post read in part: The “Away Away” won’t bring back our Port that was sold by John Mahama for 35 years at just GHS 7 billion dollars to his best friend Vincent Bollore (Meridian Port Services) in 2015.

“Termination of this agreement will cause the nation $21 billion. if the away away crowd can cough this amount for Vincent Bollore, the government is ready to terminate the contract signed by John Mahama and this will reduce our hardship,” he averred.

The NPP regional chairman also expressed shock at young people who he said were backing John Mahama to return as president despite his alleged sins relative to corruption.

“The Ghanaian Youth who are calling for the coming of JM should just add 35 years to his current age. Someone sold your destiny when he was in power or government and you’re still calling for his come back..

“It is John Mahama who deserves Away Away Away Away and not someone who even in the middle of pandemic is engaging in several developmental projects,” his post concluded.

Exactly what happened?

Thousands of patrons were at the venue to witness the Global Citizen festival which had a number of local and international artistes performing.

As host of the event, the president was called upon to give his remarks, which happened to be a prepared speech that lasted over six minutes.

The booing happened when he started his speech saying: “The whole world is in Ghana today.”

What started initially as people showing their disapproval of his presence on the stage, turned into loud clapping and chanting of the words: “away, away…,” the president, however, stayed the course and delivered his full speech.

As if that was not enough, people on social media latched on to the development to mock the president.

About the Global Citizen group and its festival

Global Citizen is the world’s largest movement of action takers and impact makers dedicated to ending extreme poverty NOW.

The voices of millions of Global Citizens around the world are driving lasting change towards sustainability, equality, and humanity by taking action every day.

The Global Citizen Festival started as a music festival where fans take actions to end extreme poverty in order to earn free tickets to attend.

You can also watch the latest episode of People & Places here:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

‘I don’t sit far away behind my PC typing doom’ – Gabby replies Prof Hanke


Professor of Applied Economics at the Johns Hopkins University in the United States has received a reply from a leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko.

Prof. Steve Hanke had suggested in a tweet that Gabby must be living on a different planet to suggest that the government and Finance Ministry deserved praise for handling of the economy despite an economic crunch.

Gabby’s response dealt with three specific indices – his location, his views about the Ghanaian economy and the living conditions of citizens as well as how he approaches the issues at hand.

In response to the ‘living on another planet’ jibe by Hanke, Gabby said in a tweet quoting Hanke’s critique: “I live on the part of this planet called Ghana.”

On the economy, he stated: “I see, I feel how tough things are, especially for the average Ghanaian. I see how tough it is for Govt and the constant struggle to keep bills paid, kids in school, our lights on etc.

“I don’t sit far away behind my PC typing doom,” his post concluded.

In Prof. Steve Hanke’s critique of Gabby’s views, he posted a GhanaWeb story of Gabby’s government deserves praise claims on Twitter and captioned it thus: “Leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Gabby Otchere-Darko says Pres. Akufo-Addo deserves praise for his handling of the economy. SPOILER ALERT: Otchere-Darko must be on another planet.”

He added his usual inflation measurement which he said stood at 81%/y, a figure that is over 100% the official inflation percentage pegged at 33.9%.

The Ghana Statistical Service, GSS, recently announced that consumer inflation for August 2022 hit 33.9% from 31.7% in July.

This is the highest rate that has been recorded in 21 years. According to the GSS, food and transportation were the main drivers of inflation.

Professor Hanke who has taken a keen interest on economic issues of Ghana in a separate tweet said Ghana’s economy was tanking – an expression which means the economy is down and there are fears of a recession.

He has in the past blamed the Akufo-Addo-led administration for putting the economy in a dire situation.

“Ghana is in 8th place in this week’s inflation table. On Sep 8, I measured Ghana’s #inflation at a stunning 81%/yr–over 2x the official inflation rate of 34%/yr. #Ghana’s economy is TANKING. To rein in inflation, GHA must install a currency board,” he tweeted on September 19.

“Today, I measure #Ghana’s inflation at 81%/yr. As a result, Ghanaians don’t know the price of anything anymore. When Ghanaians see their grocery bills soar, they can thank Pres. Akufo-Addo,” Prof Hanke added.

You can also watch the latest episode of People & Places here:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

NDC Chairmanship: Block contest between Ofosu-Ampofu, Asiedu Nketiah – Boateng Gyan to Council of Elders


A former National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Yaw Boateng Gyan, has impressed on the Council of Elders of his party to halt a possible contest between the General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, and the National Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.

In his view, the contest between the two will sharply divide the party ahead of the crucial 2024 elections.

He argued that the party could not afford to allow cracks between the two because they both command a huge following in the party.

“We will need the two in the party going into the 2024 elections, and just as we did for the first time in 1992 in Cape Coast, where the party elected national officers based on consensus, the same can be done with the two,” he said.

Already, the Aseidu Nketiah has stated that he would not seek re-election in the upcoming national elections of the party on December 17, 2022.

This decision will pave the way for the likes of his current deputy, Dr. Peter Boamah Otukornor, among others, to declare their interest in running for the soon-to-be-vacant seat of the General Secretary.

While this is the case, there are indications that instead of retirement, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah will seek to become the NDC’s chairman.

Yaw Boateng Gyan believes this is likely to jeopardize the party’s chances in the 2024 elections.

He has therefore asked that the National Council of Elders of the party summon the two and help them appreciate how their decisions to contest each other could threaten the party’s chances.

“We are in the party, and we know that a lot of things happen, so if we fail to put down proper measures, things will go bad for us. The 2014 national executive elections held at the Kumasi Sports Stadium hugely contributed to our defeat in 2016. This is so because of how some candidates were treated in that election, so their followers refused to vote in the national elections out of anger. And that single decision we took (in 2014) is the reason we are still in opposition.

“My followers and that of the defeated chairman Kwabena Agyei were badly hurt. Some of them vowed not to vote in the national elections because of how we were treated and indeed, did not vote, which is why we are in opposition till date,” he added.

He also cautioned the party against the mentality that they have already won the 2024 elections in advance.

“We shouldn’t think that 2024 is a done deal for us. We must work and make sure that we remove every obstacle in our way. If we joke about this, it will affect us.

“If Aseidu Nketia says he won’t contest as the General Secretary again, let’s talk to him and see where he can apply his expertise. So, for the peace and development of the party, the two should be summoned to ensure a middle ground for them,” he added.

The former NDC party executive made these comments known when he spoke with Kwesi Parker-Wilson on Oyerepa TV’s news analysis show, Ghana Te Sen, over the weekend and monitored by GhanaWeb.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com